Fuel Management Update


In 2010, the East Bay Regional Park District’s Board of Directors approved the Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan (“Plan”) and the accompanying CEQA document which covers hill and shoreline parklands from Richmond to Castro Valley within the Measure CC funded area. The approved Plan is an integral component of the Park District’s Safe and Healthy Forests initiative for wildfire protection.


The purpose of this work is to establish a zone of natural habitat that is resistant to wildfires. Hazardous wildland vegetation, including dense, overgrown brush and trees will be reduced in the wildland-urban interface near homes. Healthy native oak and bay trees will be preserved where feasible.The work is prescribed by FEMA and fully permitted by State and Federal environmental regulatory agencies. The Park District’s Fire Department is managing the implementation of this project while the Stewardship Department is coordinating project bio-monitoring, resource protection, and regulatory compliance.


Park Treatment Area / Rx
Project Overview Status
Wildcat Canyon, Tilden,
Claremont Canyon,
(Alameda whipsnake study)
WC011, TI006,
TI012, TI015,
TI022, CC001,
C003, CC007,
CC008, CC012,
SR001, SR003,
SR004, SR005
N/A In Progress
Anthony Chabot AC004 N/A  Upcoming 2019
Anthony Chabot AC006 AC006 Overview Complete
Anthony Chabot AC007 N/A Complete 
Claremont Canyon CC003 CC003 Overview In Progress 
Lake Chabot LC010 LC010 Overview
Initial Complete
Leona Canyon LE005 LE005 Overview Initial Complete
Miller-Knox MK001 N/A Upcoming 2019
Miller-Knox MK002 N/A Upcoming 2019
Miller-Knox MK005 N/A Upcoming 2019
Sibley Regional SR004 SR004 Overview Complete
Tilden  TI012  TI012 Overview  In Progress 
Wildcat Canyon WC009 N/A Complete
Wildcat Canyon WC010 WC010 Overview In Progress
Wildcat Canyon WC011 WC011 Overview Complete


Park Treatment Area / Rx
Project Overview Status
Anthony Chabot AC012 N/A Initial Treatment Complete
Anthony Chabot AC013 N/A Initial Treatment Complete
Anthony Chabot AC014 N/A Initial Treatment Complete
Wildcat Canyon WC003 N/A Initial Treatment Complete

2020 Initial Treatment Fuels Project

Park Treatment Area
Claremont Canyon CC001
Huckleberry Preserve HP001
Huckleberry Preserve HP002
Huckleberry Preserve HP003
Sibley Reserve SR003
Tilden TI012
Tilden TI013
Tilden TI014
Tilden TI015
Tilden TI016