District Website Content Updates – Best Practices


General Content Updates, Additions and/or Deletions

1. Determine which website your Content Update(s) live on.
The District has three (3) official websites:

-- EBParks.org - This is the District's main website. 
All requests for the District's main site should be sent to: Mike Nolan and/or Jaski Singh

-- EBParks.org/Register -  This is the district's main website for reservations and program information. 
All requests for the District's reservations site should be sent to: Eri Suzuki
All links start with: http://apm.activecommunities.com/ebparks/...

-- RegionalParksFoundation.org - This is the main website for the Regional Parks Foundation 
All requests for the Foundation site should be sent to: Juliana Schirmer

-- News Items and Press Releases - Requests for these types of posting should be sent to: Dave Mason

-- Requests for postings to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube should be sent to: Dave Mason

2. When emailing requests for website content updates, please always include the web address (a.k.a. "Link" or "URL") of the page or pages you are want updated.

For example, include the URL ''http://www.ebparks.org/meetings' if you are looking to have the Public Meetings page updated.

3. If possible, also reference the original section, paragraph, sentence and or image on the Web page that you are looking to modify.

4. If the changes are extensive, it is generally helpful to copy the Web page text and paste it into a  Word document, and either use Track Changes and or Highlighting to call attention to the content that is to be added, deleted or modified. 

Note: A suggested best practice for submitting extensive changes to existing content on the District website, is to submit an Microsoft Outlook (HTML) email or Microsoft Word document and use the Strike Through (for deletions) and Font Color tool (red text for new text) features within Word (and Outlook) to convey your changes. Please take a look at this Sample Word Document, as an example. For new content, a newly created Word document can be submitted along with the desires Page Name and the specifically desired URL path, if necessary.

5. Provide clear directions for each piece of content (text, graphics, documents, etc.) and what exactly needs to be accomplished, such as…

“Please add…” or “Please remove…” and/or “Please replace…”

"Existing text...", "New text...", "Additional Description/Comments..."  

Please provide the page Title and/or URL of the page you would like your document or image posted, as well as the desired location on that page.

Example request text:  
Please insert the following text and link to the attached PDF on the "Police Department" page, after the text "...our frequent and occasional visitors alike."
Download: Police Department Information Flyer

6. If a completely new page is to be created, please include the following information:

  1. The Title of the new Page
  2. The page content and images. Wordsmith your content carefully. Collaborate with any superiors that need to provide input or approval before submitting the content.
  3. If necessary or desired, provide a unique (not currently in use) URL Path, i.e., http://www.ebparks.org/LinkNameHere
  4. All submitted attachments to be posted to the website will be converted to Acrobat PDF format unless otherwise specified (i.e., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
  5. If you are submitting Word documents for conversion to Acrobat PDF, be sure to turn off or disable ‘Track Changes’.

7. Provide a preferred date (and, if necessary, time) for the new or edited content to be posted.*

    * If NO date and time is specified, the request will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, usually within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

8. Please use the following naming convention when submitting images and/or downloadable files:

  1. File names should be all lowercase
  2. File names of photographs SHOULD ALWAYS include the photographer’s name.
  3. DO NOT include spaces (hyphens and underscores are OK)
  4. Use alphanumeric characters only (no special characters)
  5. For Best Practices for web file naming, see:

Note: All files submitted for posting to the District website and to be made available to the public for downloading should include the following:

  1. Link Title: This is the text that describes the downloadable file and it is the text the user clicks on to initiate the download.
  2. Description of the downloadable file. (optional). If the user need to know what the downloadable file is and or what the purpose of the file is or if the Link Title is not descriptive enough.

All photos and graphics files should include a brief caption and photo credit if the photo was taken by a non District staff person.

Note: Downloadable files such as PDFs and Word documents (ie: Nature Nearby, Board minutes/agendas) should have file names that make sense to our users, yet still be as short as possible ( i.e., minutes_ard_advis_comm_5_25_09.pdf ).

Creating descriptive file names and URLs will increase their relevance and longevity.

9. Acceptable Image files types: JPG, GIF and PNG

Common Image Dimensions (in pixels):
Feature Graphic (home page):   800w x 400h
Activities Page ( /activities):   159w x 105h (minimum)
Park Page ( /parkname):  286w x 224h (minimum)

Home Page Slider - "Feature" Requests

Features located on the home page are generally reserved for time sensitive events and or content that is considered in need of "high visibility". 
Feature requests are vetted by Public Affairs staff and require specific materials for consideration. 
Feature requests need to include a brief reason for posting along with who, what, where, why and when information.
For assistance and planning your feature requests, please contact Mona Koh or Dave Mason

Required items for a Home Page Slider (Feature):

  • Home page Slideshow Feature Graphic:   800w x 400h (minimum size)
  • A 'Title' and Sub-title for the text that is super imposed over the Slider image.
  • Descriptive copy (text) including date(s), time(s), location(s), fee(s), etc.
  • Additional images can be submitted "as-is".

Park and Trail Closure Notifications

These are basic requirements and examples for submitting closure notifications:

Submit closure notice requests by email to: Mike Nolan or Jaski Singh
See the Park Closures and Notices web page for other examples and current closure notices.

When is the closure in Effect? Provide the following information:

Beginning, February 2, 2103 through February 15, 2103.
As of Friday, February 2, 2103 or until further notice.

Where is the closure located? (Samples)

Provide the full Park and or Trail Name(s):
    …is a connector trail between Brandon and Grass Valley trails, located in Anthony Cabot Regional Park.

Why is the Park or Trial Closed? (Samples)

- Fallen trees
- Due to logging activity
- Repairs
- Construction, etc.

What is affected by the Closure? (Sample)

Access to the trail is restricted and no equestrians are allowed.

Who should be the contact person or persons? (Example)

Contact Pat Doe at (510) 544-0000 or JDoe@ebparks.org


The Arroyo Trail is closed to equestrians during wet weather until further notice. This closure will allow soils to bed down or compact following trail repairs made in the spring of 2011. [Posted: 01.31.2013]

Vollmer Peak Trail is closed to equestrians and bicycles from the top of South Park Drive to the Arroyo trailhead. This closure will allow soils to bed down or compact following trail repairs made in the spring of 2011. [Posted: 02-14-2013]

As of Friday, February 2, 2103 and until further notice, a connector trail between Brandon and Grass Valley trails located in Anthony Cabot Regional Park will be closed to both hikers and equestrians. [Posted: 05-21-2013]

The Marsh Creek Regional Trail will be closed between Laurel Road and Delta Road in Oakley between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday, January 30, to Friday, February 1. The trail will be reopened in the evenings after 5 p.m. until curfew (10 p.m.). A new pedestrian bridge from the Marsh Creek Regional Trail to Creekside Park has been installed and the trail closure will allow paving for the entrances. If all goes well, the new bridge will be open Feb. 2. [Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2013]

The Dornan Drive Tunnel to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline Park is now completely closed to traffic. City engineers found significant defects in the concrete shell lining the roof and walls of the tunnel.  The Dornan Drive Tunnel is expected to be closed until the end of April.  See the Dornan Drive Tunnel Press Release for the complete story.  [Posted 02/12/2013]

EBParks.org - Available Text Formats and CSS Styles


URL – Universal Resource Locator. a.k.a., web link, web address
i.e., http://www.ebparks.org/parks/tilden is the URL for the Tilden Regional Park web page.


Internet and Web Browsing Resources:

Writing Resources:

Image Resources:

Flickr - EBRPD Flickr Group

Cumulus - The internal District network image library
   Contact: Dave Mason for access and training information

Contact Information

Mike Nolan | Web Designer | (510) 544-2215 | mnolan@ebparks.org
Mona Koh | Community Relations Manager | (510) 544-2216 | mkoh@ebparks.org