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Commitments Made, Improvements Delivered

Measure CC Logo Stamp Red

Thanks to voters of 2004 Measure CC

In 2004, East Bay voters approved Measure CC to improve park facilities, protect the environment and open space, enhance public access, and maintain public safety. Measure CC is a $12-per-year parcel tax in the cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Alameda, San Pablo, El Cerrito, Albany, Emeryville, and Piedmont.

However, Measure CC is set to expire soon.

MLK Shoreline Bikers 

Community Support & Public Access

Thanks to the community’s support many area coastlines, hillsides, and parks have been upgraded to improve services, safety, and enhance public access. Improvements include trails, picnic tables, cultural resources, bathrooms, and sewer infrastructure, among others.

Examples of Measure CC-funded improvements and services:

  • New amenities including new bathrooms and hand-washing stations at the Little Farm in Tilden in Berkeley, and upgraded infrastructure to help preserve Wildcat Creek and provide an excellent visitor experience.
  • The restoration of Dotson Family Marsh along with new trails and public access, and new entrance at Point Pinole in Richmond.
  • Public access improvements including improved trails at McLaughlin Eastshore State Park and preparations for the future opening of the Brickyard Site along the Berkeley shoreline.
  • Enhancing urban forest health and preventing wildfires with preservation and maintenance along the East Bay ridgelines across multiple cities and communities.
  • Improved access to the Crab Cove Visitor Center at Crown Beach in Alameda, and increased staffing capacity at the Visitor Center.
  • New trails, benches, and more at the MLK Shoreline and Tidewater Boating Center in Oakland.

Strong Fiscal Management

The Park District has a tradition of responsible fiscal management and maximizing resources to ensure residents and families continue to have access to recreation opportunities close to home that are affordable and healthy.

Fire Prevention & Public Safety

Wildfires are potentially devastating to our parks, homes, and lives. Existing, voter-approved Measure CC funding has helped remove flammable and hazardous material on approximately 500 acres of parks and open space – helping prevent catastrophic fires and maintain safe and healthy forests.

Habitat Restoration & Climate Change Resiliency

Measure CC has helped restore habitat for endangered species and prepare nature and people for a changing climate by protecting environmentally sensitive marshlands, grasslands, and hillsides from flood, drought and fire.  

Local Jobs

Measure CC supports Park District jobs that ensure park access, park maintenance, park safety and education programs at our shoreline parks, including Crab Cove Visitor Center in Alameda and district operated McLaughlin Eastshore State Park.

Anthony Chabot Trail Map