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Trail Survey Volunteers

Dear Volunteers,

The East Bay Regional Park District is embarking on a comprehensive Trail User Survey to assess the value of our regional trails in alleviating urban traffic congestion, and in promoting environmental-friendly transportation mode. Findings from this survey will be utilized to identify the needs of the community, and to secure funding for the development of the “Green Transportation Infrastructure”. However, the magic will not happen without your help!

A research team has been working on the survey design for a while, and now they are looking for people, like you who are concerned with climate change and automobile air pollution, to help with data collection.

If you are concerned with climate change, and would like to contribute to a project that will eventually benefit the environment, it is now the time to take an action by joining the data collection team! Your regional trails need your help!

For more information, please contact the Green Transportation Intern:
Kun Hu
(510) 544-2016

Go volunteers!
Trail User Survey Team