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Spring Wildflowers

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Sunol Wildflower Festival
April 9, 2016

Where to See Wildflowers
Send your sightings to:  (Subject: Wildflowers)
Include date, park/trail name, types of flowers. Photos welcome.  

Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
2/14/16 River View Loop Trail: Poppies popping up!
2/16/16 Manhattan Canyon Trail: Henderson’s and Padre’s shooting stars, Indian warrior, blue dicks, woolly paintbrush, Mt. Diablo manzanita, common manroot

Brushy Peak Regional Preserve
2/17/16 Loop trail: stinkbells

Coyote Hills Regional Park
2/16/16 Poppies, lupine, brodiaea
3/1/16 Red Hill trail: fiddlenecks

 Poppies by C Harris 2016 
Photo above: poppies at Black Diamond Mines by Cindy Harris, Feb. 2016.

Drawing above: Laurie Wigham

Small photo at upper right: Coyote Hills by Jerry Ting, file photo.