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Naturalists/Instructors at Tilden Nature Area

Tilden Nature Area

Address: Tilden Nature Area, Berkeley, CA 94708-2396
Phone No.: (510) 544-2233

Sara Fetterly, Supervising Naturalist

Sara began working for the Park District in the spring of 2001 at Ardenwood Historic Farm. After 10 years of potato planting and tomato tasting, she traded in her pitchfork for binoculars and moved to Crab Cove where she spent 5 beautiful years at the edge of the bay. But once a farm girl, always a farm girl, and in 2015 she happily accepted a position as Supervising Naturalist of the Tilden Nature Area and Little Farm. Prior to EBRPD, she held a variety of job titles including wildlife biologist, environmental consultant, and Peace Corps volunteer. Sara holds a B.A. degree in Environmental Geography from San Diego State University and a Masters of Education from University of San Francisco. In her spare time she loves traveling, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

Gail Broesder, Naturalist

Naturalist Gail, who started working for the EBRPD in 1994, is an interpretive naturalist with years of experience helping youth and their families understand and appreciate our natural world. Specializing in marine and aquatic education with an AA from the College of Alameda, a BS in Biology from San Francisco State and a MS in Education from Cal State University East Bay, she teaches in classrooms, on hikes, walks, beaches, mud flats, marshes, estuaries and boats. Gail has worked in just about all the wet areas around and continues to share her knowledge, working for other agencies as well as EBRPD, teaching about the environment.

James Wilson, Naturalist

James joined the Park District as a volunteer with the Fisheries Department at age 7. He became a Tilden Junior Ranger at 9 years old, and joined the staff team as a Naturalist Aide in 2006. He was hired as a fulltime Naturalist in 2008. James earned a B.A. degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and has completed significant course work in Natural History, Science Communication, and Agro-Ecology. James' previous work includes positions at the UC Santa Cruz Natural History Museum and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. A 9-year lifeguard veteran, James has a love for high adventure and enjoys challenging kids to step outside their comfort zones.

James has boundless enthusiasm for facilitating safe nature "adventures," big and small, for people young and old. From these simple encounters, he believes a world of respect and a sense of stewardship come forth. Along with nature-based programs, James has a deep respect for old-world domesticated plants and animals. He routinely harvests, collects, milks, propagates, clones, and shares all this knowledge and bounty with the public at large. He enjoys bicycling, backpacking, fishing, exploring, and having good old-fashioned adventures with family and friends.

Trent Pearce, Naturalist

Trent joined the Park District in 2010, working at Ardenwood Historic Farm before coming to the Tilden Nature Area. Natural history has long been his passion; for the preceding six years he served as an interpreter for California State Parks and an environmental educator in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He came to California in 2006 after completing a degree in Foresty and Recreation from the University of Tennessee, where he also led guided backpacking and rock-climbing trips for students.  Trent is an autodidactic mycologist, photographer, and an avid birder.  When not sharing the joys of the natural world with the public, he enjoys long bike rides through the East Bay hills and paddling his kayak down Sierra Nevada whitewater rivers.

Anthony Fisher, Naturalist

Hi. Anthony here. My naturalist training began when I was a small child playing in the open spaces and parklands of the Oakland hills. My older brothers and I explored every canyon and creeklet and nursed endless cases of poison oak. We found owl roosts, bluebird nests and sleeping foxes. Many years later, when I found out that there was a career to be had sharing these experiences with others, I procured a B.S. in Biology from San Francisco State. Now, I am fortunate to be able to share my love of birds, animal tracks, indigenous survival skills, camera trapping and all things nature-y with our park visitors. Hope to see you on the trail!