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Mobile Education Outreach

The East Bay Regional Park District brings education standards-based nature programs, FREE, to public schools in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties!

The Fish Friend Club

Regional Parks FoundationNEW for the 2015-2016 school year!  Help protect fish and other animals from litter pollution while addressing NGSS standards.  A grant from the Regional Parks Foundation entitles selected schools to a visit from the Mobile Fish Exhibit in the fall, as well as a $500 bus stipend for a field trip in the spring and a variety of other great benefits!  

Mobile educationMobile Fish Exhibit

We are what we eat.  Whether our food comes from a fishing trip or a grocery store, everyone wants their food to be healthy and safe. The District’s 26-foot long aquarium on wheels offers an up-close, memorable experience with fish from our lakes that many people catch for food. The program connects our everyday interactions with trash and litter to our effect on the environment and our food chain.  

State Standard-focused lessons for grades K-2 explore the basic biology of fishes, their life-cycles and basic adaptations to life in water through dress-up and other activities, while those for Grades 3-6 help students learn how keeping their environment clean and healthy helps them stay that way too through interactive models and games.

Every student in your school is invited to experience the program. A minimum of 300 students is required. Water to fill tank is provided by the school.

Mobile education

Mobile Visitor Center

Imagine a “closet on wheels,” filled with materials for teaching any range of nature-related topics. And it even comes with a professional nature educator!

Groups of up to 30 students at a time engage in topics including:

  > Watersheds
  > Mammals
  > Reptiles and Amphibians*
  > Plants
  > Lifecycles*
* These programs include live animals