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Serpentine Prairie Resource Management
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Cultural Resources
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Wildland Management Policies 
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Wildfire Hazard Reduction and
Resource Management Plan and EIR
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Wildfire Hazard Reduction And
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Integrated Pest Management
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Water Resources 
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Wildland Vegetation 
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The various natural and cultural resources of the East Bay Regional Park District--whether a rare plant or animal, a valley grassland or chaparral-covered slope, an ancient pictograph or bedrock mortar, a panoramic vista or a secluded dell--are all a public treasure. The 120,536 acres of mostly undeveloped, natural, open space parklands in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties offer a variety of grassland, shrubland, woodland, forest, lake, shoreline, riparian and wetland environments, which provide essential habitat for a diverse collection of wild plants and animals.

The District's mission is to acquire preserve, protect, and operate regional parklands in perpetuity for public use, while conserving these lands for the natural resource values they contain. The goal of the District resource enhancement projects is to conserve and enhance important resource values such as vegetation, wildlife and water to ensure that natural parkland ecosystems are maintained in a healthy and productive condition. The diverse assortment of birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates that dwell in the Regional Parks is an integral part of the ecology of the San Francisco Bay Area and an aesthetic natural feature of the parks that visitors greatly enjoy.