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Park Advisory Committee

The Park Advisory Committee (PAC) is a 21-member citizens' advisory group appointed by the East Bay Regional Park District Board of Directors. Candidates are nominated by individual Board members and a variety of other public entities, such as the Mayors' Conference, Board of Supervisors, and Special District Chapters of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

The PAC studies issues and makes recommendations and comments on a spectrum of policy issues, such as grazing, dogs, horses and bikes in parks, the Park District budget, naming park facilities, park land use plans, new concessions, and more.

Members are appointed for two-year terms and may serve a total of four consecutive terms, or eight years. Service is voluntary and members receive no compensation. Meetings are held in the evenings on the fourth Monday of each month at the Park District Headquarters in Oakland. Visit the Public Meetings / Notices page for more information.

The PAC provides members with a great opportunity to learn more about the Park District. For additional information on becoming a PAC member, e-mail the PAC Secretary, Sharon Clay,

Park Advisory Committee Schedule & Documents

East Bay Regional Park District - Park Advisory Committee Membership

Linda Best (2017)
Appointed by Director Beverly Lane

Julie Bueren (2018), Vice-Chair
Appointed by Director Colin Coffey

Richard Godfrey (2017)
Appointed by Director Dennis Waespi

Michael Gregory (2017)
San Leandro
Appointed by Director Doug Siden

Adele Ho (2017)
Appointed by Director Whitney Dotson

Bruce Kern (2017), Chair
Castro Valley
Appointed by Director Dennis Waespi 

Jeremy Madsen (2016)
Appointed by Director Doug Siden

John Mercurio (2017)
Appointed by Director Beverly Lane

Mona Palacios (2016)
Appointed by Alameda County Special Districts Association 

Rick Rickard (2018)
Appointed by John Sutter

Elissa Robinson (2018)
Appointed by Diane Burgis

Olivia Sanwong (2018)
Appointed by Director Ayn Wieskamp 

Igor Skaredoff (2018)
Appointed by the Contra Costa Special Districts Association

Laura Thompson (2018)
Appointed by Alameda County Mayors 

David Trotter (2017)
Appointed by the Contra Costa Mayors’ Conference

Peter Volin (2017)
Appointed by Contra Costa County Labor Council

Robert Wilkins (2018)
Appointed by Director John Sutter

Benjamin Yee (2017)
Appointed by Director Ayn Wieskamp

2017 Subcommittee Membership:


Kern (Chair), Bueren (Vice-Chair), Best, Mercurio, Rickard, Thompson
Staff: Erich Pfuehler

Best (Chair), Ho, Mercurio, Robinson, Sanwong, Yee
Staff: Debra Auker (CFO)

Ad hoc Policy / Issues:

Administrative Staff:
Erich Pfuehler, 510-544-2006, Fax: 510-569-1417,
Sharon Clay, 510-544-2021,