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Earth Day - April 12, 2014

Redwood Regional Park
Volunteers will assist with restoring the first clear cut redwood forest in the State of California. Working with park staff volunteers will plant 75 redwood trees to assist with restoring the grandest redwood forest at one time. They will also help with the removal of invasive species of plants that are crowding out young redwoods and restore the park to a more natural condition. This is a unique opportunity to volunteer in of the first Regional Parks on the EBRPD 80th Anniversary. Registration is required (50 max).
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Lake Chabot Regional Park
Volunteers will have the opportunity to perform shoreline cleanup in one of the most visited Regional Parks and restore a horseshoe pit. The removal of debris and fishing line from the shoreline will save the micro plastics and debris from harming animals. The restoration of the horseshoe pits will add hours of endless fun for park visitors and give volunteers a chance to add to the outdoor experience.
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Registration opens to the public on March 4 and closes April 8th 2013.

California Coastal Cleanup

Please check back soon.

Martin Luther King, Jr., "Day of Service" in January.

California and National Trail Days. For information, call (510) 544-2631.