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Anglers Edge

Vol. 1037  | May 20, 2015

Free Fishing Days

Free Fishing days for 2015 are July 4 and September 5.
For details see the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

*** NOTICE > Asiatic Clam Sightings - What you Need to Know (Acrobat PDF) ***  
*** ATTENTION BOATERS - Please Prevent Mussels From Invading Our Lakes ***
To prevent the destructive Quagga and Zebra mussels from potentially shutting down the water delivery system, EBRPD is asking all boaters to prevent the spread of mussels into East Bay reservoirs and lakes.
Inspections include; motorboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes and float tubes.
If you are launching your own boat at Lake Chabot, Del Valle, Quarry Lakes or Contra Loma, be prepared for a mandatory boat inspection. There are no bands or inspections at Shadow Cliffs.

 An Annual Invasive Inspection Permit is now available for $40.

Wet boats, motors or gear will be denied launching.Read more...  

Attention Anglers - EBRPD Fishing Rules

  1. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT RAW TROUT/SALMON as they may be infected with a parasitic disease which can be fatal to your pet.For more information call EBRPD at 1-888-EBPARKS (1-888-327-2757) or (510) 635-0135.
  2. EBRPD recommends all bass be released. Please do not remove tags from bass. Record the tag number, length, and weight of the fish to include in your catch report.
  3. Please report your catches and turn in all retrieved tags from trout.
  4. All park hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
  5. Please remember to clean up any fouled line and bait containers. Wildlife can be injured or killed by fishing line!

Fish Thrive in Christmas Tree Reefs

Our underwater camera caught some Gamefish Swimming around a submerged Christmas tree reef created by our fisheries management staff and volunteers.

Please use the special fishing line disposal tubes at Del Valle, Lake Chabot and Shadow Cliffs.  
Recycling your broken fishing monofiliment helps protect wildlife.

General Activity


The wind is still blowing strong late morning through the late afternoon.  Striped bass are on the bite, well the little ones anyway.  Most stripers being caught are on anchovies, but sardines work just as well.  A few stripers have been caught on top water baits like Zara  spooks, pencil poppers, and Chuggers.  Trout can still be caught, but they are becoming much harder to find.  In the coves at their deepest points (around 20-45 feet) is where most trout are being found in schools.  Power Bait, nightcrawlers, and mice tails are producing the best results.
Catfish were being caught last week, but no sign of them this week.  With the rain comes muddy water and catfish love to prowl in dark stained water.  It gives them confidence to come out of their holes and look for food.  Down in the south end is an excellent place to start fishing for monster catfish, or little ones as well.
The water is slowly being let out of the lake, so lots of cover is half exposed and half submerged, which is perfect for bass fishing.  Bass have been biting on worms like robo worms, senkos, and other finesse baits like flukes.  Fishing up in the weed beds has been producing fish along the rock walls.  Good luck everybody! -Dan    

Ethan R of Castro Valley landed a 2.5 lb trout  on Power Bait north of the marina

Stephen Robles, Danny Solomon, and Garcia Llamas got five stripers on anchovies by the Dam

Chris Nader and David Castiblano got four stripers on sardines in Heron bay

Larry Giorgio got two stripers on anchovies - no location given


NOTE: Use of Lead Fishing Tackle is Prohibited at Quarry Lakes.
Please come to the entry kiosk to exchange your lead weights for non-lead.
Download: Lead Fishing Tackle Awareness brochure Adobe Acrobat PDF

On May 7th, David Rivera of Hayward caught a 5lb. 8oz. rainbow trout at Fisherman's Row on a silver Kastmaster. Chris Carrillo of San Jose caught an 11lb. rainbow trout at Fisherman's Row on yellow Power Bait. The fishing has been extremely slow over the past two weeks, but the good news is that the Cormorants have moved on and the algae is starting to dissipate.


Fishing at Temescal has been good, with anglers pulling in a few fish every day.


Park Hours:
For May-August is 6:00 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.; all water craft must be of the lake by 6:30 p.m.

Reminder to boaters:  All watercrafts (including float tubes) need to have a wearable Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD) per person.  Children age 12 and under must wear personal floatation device (PFD) while the vessel is underway.

The Contra Costa Water District has lowered Contra Loma reservoir approx. 10 feet.  Unknown when it will be refilled.
Fishing has been fair. 
-Trout fishing has picked up.  Try fishing at Channel Point or near the Swim Lagoon on a variety of Power Baits, mice tails or nightcrawlers.
- Try fishing for catfish on nightcrawlers, anchovies, or chicken liver at the east side of lake or at Channel Point.
- Black bass have been biting on artificial baits/lures or nightcrawlers anywhere around the lake. 
- Try fishing for crappie or bluegill with jigs or worms at the Boat Ramp area, Loma Island or Channel Point area. 

Whoppers Reported:
- Fred Irwin caught a 9.1 lb. Black bass on a rubber worm from a boat.
- Matilde Quiroga caught an 8.7 lb. trout on Power Bait near the Swim Lagoon.
- Ron Hodgson caught a 10 lb. catfish from a boat.
- Rico Montuerto caught a 7.12 & 8.12 lb. trout on a lure near the Swim Lagoon.


Trout fishing remains slow at Lake Chabot. A couple limits were pulled out from the shoreline a couple weeks ago, but overall fishing remains slow.  Water temperatures remains in the mid 50’s with visibility about three feet. For all anglers planning on trolling make sure to come out early morning, because afternoon winds have been making it a little difficult to fish.  
All boats are half off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays!  The schedule for the marina is currently open every day of the week from 6:00 AM-6:00PM. Boat rentals will stop at 5:00PM and are due back in by 6:00PM.
Catfishing continues to be very slow, but they are still out there and not many anglers are fishing for them right now. Water temperature will determine how active catfishing will be.  This time of the year catfish are going to be located across from Raccoon point, behind the island, in coves by the dam and in bass cove. Anglers are using a variety of baits including mackerel, anchovies and chicken liver.   
Trout fishing remains slow right now. However, two whoppers got pulled out these last two weeks. Katie Roberts of Redwood City caught a nice 8.04 lb. trout fishing over by Alder Point.  Don Thomas of Redwood City also caught a huge whopper weighing in at 10.36 lbs. and also by Alder Point. Check out our Facebook page to keep updated on current fishing conditions.
Bass fishing has started to pick up and many bass anglers are catching them each outing.  If you are fishing for bass, the early mornings and evenings, mostly on plastics, jigs, hula grubs and top water will be your best bet. If you do want to try your luck a couple of good spots to fish for bass are near the island or the tulles by Raccoon Point. Please practice catch and release for bass, as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!
Katie Roberts of Redwood City caught a nice 8.04 lb. trout fishing over by Alder Point. 
Don Thomas of Redwood City also caught a huge whopper weighing 10.36 lbs. also fishing by Alder Point.

Monday — Thursday
Boat rentals are from 6:00am - 5:00pm
Boats are due in by 6:00pm
Friday — Sunday
Boat rentals are from 6:00am - 6:00pm
Boats are due in by 7:00pm
Hours subject to change based on weather conditions and light levels.

We encourage all anglers to report their stories, comments, or concerns to the Marina. Please email us at Thanks again for choosing Lake Chabot as your recreation destination.


May Park Hours: 6:00am – 8:30pm
June Park Hours: 6:00am – 9:00pm
Featured Anglers:
5/5/15 - Pawlu caught some nice trout today near the 1st dock on Power Bait.
5/6/15 – John of Patterson caught and released seven bass on senkos in the back ponds. He has been fishing regularly and doing well back there.
5/6/15 – Gene caught a 3lb. trout fishing from his boat on Power Bait.
5/8/15 – Bernie Helwig caught five trout trolling in the lake.
5/10/15 Ernie Avilla of Livermore caught a 10lb. catfish fishing off the Stanley shoreline.
5/12 John caught and released 15 bass on flukes in the arroyo.
5/13/15 Robert of Napa caught three trout on green garlic Power Bait and he was fishing near the 2nd dock.
5/15/15 John of Pleasanton caught a 9lb. trout. John was using bubble mouse tails for bait. John was fishing by the boat launch. The total weight of his three trout was 13lbs. Go John.
5/15/15 – An angler got a 9lb. catfish on an artificial lure fishing at the south end of the park.
5/15/15 Alisha of Santa Cruz caught three trout on garlic Power Bait and she was fishing by the 2nd dock.

*The boat launch is OPEN as of April 6.  Water levels are still below normal so launch at your own risk.  If your vessel is light enough to be carried safely, launching from the shoreline is still permitted.

The Boat rentals and Concession will be open weekends only 11am-6pm, and will be open daily after Memorial Day.  Please contact the park Kiosk for more information.  Please purchase your CA State Fishing License and any other fishing supplies prior to arriving at the park.  All personal watercraft must be off the lake a half hour before park closing.  Water temperature is approximately 67 degrees.  Please practice catch and release for all Bass as they are not stocked in the lake and their population depends on you! Thank you!

Please remember that the back ponds in the Arroyo have different regulations than the main lake. They are as follows: EBRPD Daily Fishing Permit as well as a CA State Fishing License required; catch and release; barbless hooks; artificial lures (no live bait); float tubes only.  No other vessels are permitted in the back ponds.

We encourage all anglers to report their stories, comments, or concerns to the Kiosk staff.


No report.


Striped bass fishing has improved.  Anglers are catching keepers on anchovies, grass shrimp, and blood worms.


No report.


The stripers are picking up and keepers are coming in on the San Joaquin River and at Antioch/Oakley Shoreline Pier.


Fishing has been slow at Pt Pinole, but picking up some in the last few days with some stripers and rays.


Anglers have caught jacksmelt and bullheads.


No report.

NEW STURGEON REGULATIONS:  Sturgeon must be between 40 and 60 inches, (fork length) to keep.
Sturgeon regulations - California Department of Fish & Wildlife Adobe Acrobat PDF

    Fish Planting Information

    1. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) plants rainbow trout and channel catfish that average 1 pound each.
    2. The California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) plants trout averaging over ½ pound each.
    3. Plants are subject to change due to weather conditions.

    REMINDER: Netting and snagging fish is PROHIBITED at any East Bay Regional Park.No fishing is allowed around the area where a fish plant occurs.

    Water / Week EBRPD Rainbow Trout (lbs) DF&G Rainbow Trout (lbs) EBRPD Channel Catfish (lbs) DF&G Channel Catfish (lbs)
    Del Valle  
    05/18/15 800 ---
    --- ---
    05/25/15 1000 ---  --- ---
    06/01/15 800 --- --- ---
    Lake Chabot  
    05/18/15 500
    --- --- ---
    05/25/15 ---
    --- --- ---
    06/01/15 800
    --- --- ---
    Shadow Cliffs  
    05/18/15 500 --- --- ---
    05/25/15 1000
    --- ---
    06/01/15 500
    --- --- ---
    Quarry Lakes  
    05/18/15 1000 --- --- ---
    05/25/15 --- ---
    --- ---
    06/01/15 1000 ---  --- ---
    Contra Loma  
    05/18/15 ---
    --- ---
    05/25/15 500  ---  --- ---
    06/01/15 ---
    --- ---
    Lake Temescal  
    05/18/15 --- ---
    --- ---
    05/25/15 500
    ---  --- ---
    06/01/15 --- --- --- ---
    Don Castro  
    05/18/15 500 --- --- ---
    05/25/15 ---
    --- --- ---
    065/01/15 ---  --- --- ---
    Shinn Pond  
    --- --- --- --- ---
    Jordan Pond  
    --- --- --- --- ---

    General Information

    General Information
    General Fishing information can be found at: Fishing Activities

    Guidelines for Fish Consumption information can be found at: Fishing Advisories

    Fees and Licenses:A California State License and an EBRPD fishing access permit ($5 per day for persons 16 years+) are required to fish at Del Valle, Contra Loma, Lake Chabot, Shadow Cliffs, Temescal, Don Castro, and Quarry Lakes.An annual EBRPD permit is available for $120 to residents 62 years+ and the disabled.Call (510) 544-2220.

    New regulations require possession of a Sturgeon Fishing Report Card.
    Fish Size Limit Number per day


    No limit



    No limit


    Black bass

    12 inches minimum


    Striped bass

    18 inches minimum



    40-60 inches in forklength


    Crappie, Bluegill
    & Sunfish

    No limit

    25 in combination