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Anglers Edge

Vol. 1055  | January 27, 2016

*** NOTICE > Asiatic Clam Sightings - What you Need to Know (Acrobat PDF) ***  
*** ATTENTION BOATERS - Please Prevent Mussels From Invading Our Lakes ***
To prevent the destructive Quagga and Zebra mussels from potentially shutting down the water delivery system, EBRPD is asking all boaters to prevent the spread of mussels into East Bay reservoirs and lakes.
Inspections include; motorboats, rowboats, kayaks, canoes and float tubes.
If you are launching your own boat at Lake Chabot, Del Valle, Quarry Lakes or Contra Loma, be prepared for a mandatory boat inspection. There are no bands or inspections at Shadow Cliffs.

 An Annual Invasive Inspection Permit is now available for $40.

Wet boats, motors or gear will be denied launching. Read more...  

Attention Anglers - EBRPD Fishing Rules

  1. DO NOT LET YOUR DOG EAT RAW TROUT/SALMON as they may be infected with a parasitic disease which can be fatal to your pet.For more information call EBRPD at 1-888-EBPARKS (1-888-327-2757) or (510) 635-0135.
  2. EBRPD recommends all bass be released. Please do not remove tags from bass. Record the tag number, length, and weight of the fish to include in your catch report.
  3. Please report your catches and turn in all retrieved tags from trout.
  4. All park hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
  5. Please remember to clean up any fouled line and bait containers. Wildlife can be injured or killed by fishing line!

A plea to all fishermen/women.
This bald eagle got entangled with a fishing leader at Contra Loma. PLEASE pick-up after yourselves, leave no hooks, lines or any other garbage behind. This is not the first time this has happened. I have seen a blue heron, great egret and geese all with fishing line caught on them. Hopefully this eagle will not get the line wrapped around something and die!”

-- Richard Evans
Follow up, the eagle is fine and the fishing line is now gone. Lucky this time!

 eagle with fishing line

Fish Thrive in Christmas Tree Reefs

Our underwater camera caught some Gamefish Swimming around a submerged Christmas tree reef created by our fisheries management staff and volunteers.

Please use the special fishing line disposal tubes at Del Valle, Lake Chabot and Shadow Cliffs.  
Recycling your broken fishing monofilament helps protect wildlife.

Fish Planting Information

  1. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) plants rainbow trout and channel catfish that average 1 pound each.
  2. The California Department of Fish & Game (DFG) plants trout averaging over ½ pound each.
  3. Plants are subject to change due to weather conditions.

REMINDER: Netting and snagging fish is PROHIBITED at any East Bay Regional Park.No fishing is allowed around the area where a fish plant occurs.

Water / Week EBRPD Rainbow Trout (lbs) DF&G Rainbow Trout (lbs) EBRPD Channel Catfish (lbs) DF&G Channel Catfish (lbs)
Del Valle  
02/01/16 1000
--- ---
02/08/16 750 2000
--- ---
02/15/16 750 --- --- ---
Lake Chabot  
02/01/16 ---
--- --- ---
02/08/16 750 --- ---  ---
02/15/16 ---
--- --- ---
Shadow Cliffs  
02/01/16 750 --- --- ---
02/08/16 1000
--- ---
02/15/16 ---
1000 --- ---
Quarry Lakes  
02/01/16 ---
1000 --- ---
02/08/16 --- ---
--- ---
02/15/16 500 ---  --- ---
Contra Loma  
02/01/16 750
02/08/16 --- ---  --- ---
02/15/16 500
Lake Temescal
02/01/16 ---  1000
02/08/16  ---
---  --- ---
02/15/16  500 --- --- ---
Don Castro  
02/01/16 --- --- ---
02/08/16 ---
--- --- ---
02/15/16 500
--- --- ---
Shinn Pond  
--- --- --- --- ---
Jordan Pond
--- ---    ---  

General Activity


The wonderful rains we got this week brought the water temperature down to 47 degrees. The water level has stabilized and the public boat launch is open and boat rentals are available.

Trout, Trout, Trout, on 1-14-16 we got a 1000 lbs of Mt Lassen trout planted at the public launch. This added to the already large population of trout in the lake. Limits of trout are coming from the shore and boats. Some have weighed up to ten pounds. These fish are being caught all over the lake, with the south end being the most popular with shore anglers said Tim and Ted of Rocky Mt Rec. Mice tails, Power Bait and nightcrawlers seem to be preferred baits. Kastmasters, rooster tails, Panther Martins and Rapalas also work if you want to use lures.

Striped bass are still being caught in the narrows and in Heron bay using anchovies, chicken livers and mackerel. However you will need to go deep with the water as cool as it is.

Catfish have been on the bite again with the rain. The narrows and Heron bay seem to be the most productive. Anchovies, Sardines, Chicken livers and Mackerel work the best.

Largemouth bass and small mouth bass have gone to deeper waters; we have not seen too many caught.

Featured anglers of the week: 
Kenny Khu of Livermore caught a Catfish on 1-8-16. His catfish weighed in at 17 pounds on anchovies in Swallow Bay.
Patrick Tripp of Livermore caught five trout with the biggest weighing in at two pounds on Panther Martins, and Kastmasters fishing in the lower narrows.
Gerald Gilligan of Livermore caught four trout on Panther Martins and Kastmasters and was fishing the lower narrows.
Jack Foryano of Livermore caught a trout weighing in at four pounds on Power Bait fishing in the narrows.
Kenny Khu of Livermore on 1-14-16 caught four trout, the biggest weighed in at two pound He was using Power Bait, and fishing in the lower narrows.

Do you want to be part of the angler of the week? Come on up and give it a try. Right now is the time.


NOTE: Use of Lead Fishing Tackle is Prohibited at Quarry Lakes.
Please come to the entry kiosk to exchange your lead weights for non-lead.
Download: Lead Fishing Tackle Awareness brochure Adobe Acrobat PDF

Fishing has picked up a little bit, especially for catfish, which haven’t been planted since the beginning of September!  The water has raised a lot!  The disabled-accessible fishing pier has hardly any slant to it and the boat dock is almost at the top of the ramp!

On January 14, 2016, Rich Rasmussen of Newark caught a four-pound, four-ounce trout using nightcrawlers!  Rich was fishing to the left of the beach.  On January 15, 2016, Kim Ravago of Hayward caught a nine-pound, two-ounce catfish using orange and white mice tail!  He was fishing on the right side of Horseshoe Lake past the deer fence.  On the day of our last plant, January 20, 2016, Shin Kato of Fremont caught a limit of trout, the largest of which weighed four pounds!  Shin was fishing from the left side of the swim beach using his trademark spoons.  On January 24, 2016, Pha Nguyen of San Jose was fishing from his boat by the peninsula and he caught a 17-pound, nine-ounce catfish. 

Also, note that the use of lead fishing tackle is prohibited at Quarry Lakes.
Currently our boat ramp and fishing pier are both open and the water is on the rise.
The park entrance gate hours are 7am to 5pm.


Here are a few anglers with some good size catches this month. Catfish and sturgeon seem to be the winners this month. One picture shows a two foot sturgeon fish caught by one long time visitor.

The sturgeon was caught on an orange plastic mouse tail and released.
Fishing has been good, though catching has been sporadic. Most Anglers are using Power Bait, nightcrawlers, Power Bait: Power Eggs, and shrimp.
**Good news! The new dock on the East Shore near the beach house has eight new pole holders and the seats now have back rests.





Park Hours:

For January is 7:00 a.m. – 5:30p.m.; all water craft must be of the lake by 3:30 p.m.
For February is 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.; all water craft must be of the lake by 4:00 p.m.

Reminder to boaters:  All watercrafts (including float tubes) need to have a wearable Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PFD) per person.  Children age 12 and under must wear personal floatation device (PFD) while the vessel is underway.
Trout fishing is still good on the East Side, Channel Point or from a boat with Power Bait, Mice Tails or nightcrawlers.

Catfish bite is slow. Try fishing at Channel Point, Loma Island or from a boat with nightcrawlers or chicken liver.

Black bass have been biting with artificial baits/lures or nightcrawlers anywhere around the lake.

Try fishing for crappie or bluegill with jigs or worms at the Boat Ramp area, Loma Island or Channel Point area.  

Whoppers Reported:
-Matilde Quiroga caught a 9.12 lb. Trout on Power Bait at Channel Point.
-JP & Mark Gano caught an 8.5 lb. Black bass on Swim Bait from a boat.
-Ricky Lara caught a 5.5 lb. Trout on Power Bait/Mice Tail near Swim Lagoon.


Trout fishing is FINALLY starting to heat up again.  The rain did slow fishing down a little bit but in return the water level did rise up quite a bit.  With the much needed break from the rain as soon as the water clears up again, I’m sure trout fishing will become great once again.  So far we have planted around 6,500 lbs. of trout into Lake Chabot.  We did just receive a plant of 500 lbs. on January 25th so make sure to get out here in the next couple days.  We are expecting another plant next week so make sure to follow us on Facebook for updates. 

All of our boats are half off Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays! 

Catfishing had a rough year here at Chabot.  EBRPD planted over a couple thousand pounds of channel catfish into the lake but only a few report of have come in all summer long in 2015.  Typically catfishing this time of the year is fairly slow.  Catfishing conditions will improve when the water temperature starts to warm back up.   

News!!! So far this fall EBRPD has planted over 6,500 lbs. of trout into Lake Chabot.  Trout fishing has finally started to pick back up here at Chabot.  Limits are slowly getting reported again as the water begins to clear back up. The current hotspot is over by Indian Cove on Powerbait.  Usually fishing for trout this time of the year is second to none but the lack of trout/catfish plants have really hurt fishery here at Lake Chabot.  The Fisheries Department for EBRPD is currently working on getting us more trout plants to make up for this year’s lack of fish plants due to water conditions.  Please be patient and follow our Facebook page to keep updated on fishing conditions. 

Bass fishing has been steady for the last several weeks with some bass anglers catching and releasing good numbers. If you do want to try your luck a couple good spots to fish for bass are near the island or in Bass  Cove. Please practice catch and release for bass, as they are not stocked into the lake and their population depends on you!

Monday — Sunday
Boat rentals are from 6:30am - 3:30pm
Boats are due in by 4:30pm

Hours subject to change based on weather conditions and light levels.

We encourage all anglers to report their stories, comments, or concerns to the Marina. Please email us at Thanks again for choosing Lake Chabot as your recreation destination.


2500 Stanley Boulevard, Pleasanton CA

January Park Hours:  7:00am-5:30pm
February Park Hours:  7:00am-6:00pm

1/12/16 – Chris from Livermore caught a nice three-and-a-half pound trout from the 3rd dock on Power eggs.

1/12/16 – Wilson caught five beautiful trout ranging from five to seven pounds1 hour! He reeled them in using green pumpkin garlic Power Bait with sprinkles.

1/14/16 – Vicente Cortez from Fremont caught a beautiful eight pound Trout.
1/12/16 – Wilson caught five beautiful trout ranging from five to seven pounds1 hour! He reeled them in using green pumpkin garlic Power Bait with sprinkles.

1/14/16 – Vicente Cortez from Fremont caught a beautiful eight pound Trout!

1/15/16 – Dan Rodriguez from Sunnyvale caught these nice trout from the 2nd dock on nightcrawlers.

All personal watercraft must be off the lake ½ hour before sunset.
* EBRPD Daily Fishing Permit as well as a CA State Fishing License
* Catch and Release ONLY
* Barbless Hooks
* Artificial Lures -  (no live bait)
* Float Tubes are the ONLY vessel permitted  (No Paddles)
* All personal watercraft must be off the lake ½ hour before sunset.

We encourage all Anglers to Please stop by our kiosk to report catches, stories, and have your picture taken with your fish! If you don’t have time to stop by; please email your pictures and information to:
Thank You for choosing Shadow Cliffs – Where We are Always Happy To See You :)


Our fishermen have been staying busy this week not an empty hook in sight.
Fishing at Don Castro has been picking up since last week’s fish plant on Jan. 20th. The fish are biting! 


No report.


Eckley Pier is still slow with mainly undersized striped bass. Other than that, I haven’t seen any other types of fish caught at the pier.


The fishing is still very slow at Antioch/Oakley Shoreline Pier.


Fishing off the pier has been hit and miss. Stripers and sturgeon have been caught, but most undersized. There are quite a few perch hanging out under the pier.


Ferry Point Fish Report:  An early herring run has anglers using the Ferry Point pier.

Construction Notice:  Miller/Knox Construction Project is expected to be completed in late January.  Ferry Point parking lot, restrooms, and drinking fountain are subject to through the end of the project. Street parking on Dornan Drive is available during the project. The fishing pier will remain open during construction.  For more information, see

NEW STURGEON REGULATIONS:  Sturgeon must be between 40 and 60 inches, (fork length) to keep.
Sturgeon regulations - California Department of Fish & Wildlife Adobe Acrobat PDF

General Information

General Information
General Fishing information can be found at: Fishing Activities

Guidelines for Fish Consumption information can be found at: Fishing Advisories

Fees and Licenses:A California State License and an EBRPD fishing access permit ($5 per day for persons 16 years+) are required to fish at Del Valle, Contra Loma, Lake Chabot, Shadow Cliffs, Temescal, Don Castro, and Quarry Lakes.An annual EBRPD permit is available for $120 to residents 62 years+ and the disabled.Call (510) 544-2220.

New regulations require possession of a Sturgeon Fishing Report Card.
Fish Size Limit Number per day


No limit



No limit


Black bass

12 inches minimum


Striped bass

18 inches minimum



40-60 inches in forklength


Crappie, Bluegill
& Sunfish

No limit

25 in combination