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EBParks Park Finder

Park Finder   
Interactive map to help you find where to hike, walk your dog, swim, play golf, picnic, or do many other activities in the Regional Parks. Parks listed by city.

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East Bay Regional Park District Interactive Map

The interactive map below shows all 65 of our regional parks. Parks listed by city.

Click on the zoom-plus-symbol symbol in upper left for an enlarged view.


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The Park District operates 65 parks, covering over 120,536 acres in its two-county jurisdiction, with more than 1,250 miles of trails.

These parklands help to ensure preservation of the natural beauty that makes the Bay Area such a desirable place to live. They provide habitat for wildlife, including many rare and endangered species. They also enhance the region's quality of life, resulting in tangible economic benefits as well as aesthetic values. The Park District offers an extraordinary choice of recreational and educational activities. Whether you enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, bicycling, picnicking, nature programs, golf, other active pastimes, or just relaxing in beautiful natural surroundings, there is a park for you.

Please refer to our Public Transit page for numerous resources in assisting you in your travels to your Regional Parks.

East Bay Regional Park District Regional Map

Browse our selection of downloadable PDF District Park Maps.

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District Map

Directions for navigating the enlarged map:

When the enlarged version of the map opens click on the 'Full Expand' icon in the lower right hand corner of the map to see the 'Actual Size' map.

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When the 'Actual Size' map is viewable, you can 'Click-Hold and Drag' the mouse button (left on a PC) to reposition the map, as desired.

'Single-Click' on the 'Enlarged' or 'Actual Size' map to return to the park page.

Download: District Wide Map  (400 KB, 1pg.)Adobe Acrobat PDF