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Resource Assessments

The Wildfire Hazard Reduction and Resource Management Plan (WHRRMP) recommends specific treatment areas for wildfire hazard reduction. The variety of terrain in the East Bay Hills necessitates specific actions be made to respond to environmental conditions in different areas. Small geographical areas were identified for treatment based on a wide variety of factors described in the plan. See the map of these Recommended Treatment Areas (RTAs) to determine location and name. RTA names are made up of a two letter abbreviation indicating the regional park location (e.g., TI=Tilden), followed by a unique three digit number for each area.  If a treatment area is not included in the WHRRMP, it is called a “Polygon”. 

Each RTA has several reports grouped by park and RTA. Naming methodology was adjusted in the Summer of 2016:

  1. Pre-Treatment Assessment Sheet - The Stewardship Staff or qualified biologist(s) surveys the treatment area defined in the WHRRMP before any initial treatment. Based on permitting requirements, the assessment might be titled "proposed", "connected" or "cumulative", and some RTAs have more than one assessment.  Most RTA surveys included the whole RTA, while others included only a smaller Treatment Area within the RTA, (T.A.). 
  2. Wildlife Survey Sheet - Wildlife is more intensively surveyed by the Wildlife Dept. or qualified biologist(s).
  3. Fuels Treatment Prescription (“Rx”) - Guides the work; documents the goals, methods, timing and resource considerations for treatment on the ground, including initial actions and follow-up maintenance for many years. It is signed by both the Stewardship Chief and the Assistant Fire Chief before implementation  and includes a map. This document may be adapted based on subsequent surveys.
  4.  Post-Treatment Assessment -Annual survey, or more if needed, of the treated area gathering information about success of the treatment(s) based on reaching the vegetation goals. The results may be used to change the prescription, allowing for adaptive management.
  5. Map of Treatment Area - Additional view of the specific area targeted for Fuels Treatment actions as documented in the Prescription. There is also a map included with the Prescription.

( RTA TI012-002(RX) 11-17-2017, added Mar.8, 2018) 

 Current Parks with Recommended Treatment Area Survey:

All files available for download below are in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format Adobe Acrobat PDF

Anthony Chabot Park

> AC001 Pre-assessment connected proposed
AC001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> AC002 Pre-assessment proposed
> AC002 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

AC003 Pre-assessment
AC003 Wildlife
AC003 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX)

> AC004 Pre-assessment
> AC004 Pre-assessment cumulative
> AC004 Wildlife cumulative
> AC004 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> AC006 Pre-assessment
> AC006 Pre-assessment proposed connected
> AC006 Pre-assessment 8-30-2011
> AC006 Wildlife
> AC006 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)
> AC006 Post Treatment Assessment
> AC006 Map of Treatment Area

> AC007 Pre-assessment 8-30-2011 Proposed
> AC007 Pre-assessment 9-8-2011 Connected
> AC007 Pre-treatment Assessment Proposed10-13-2016 Whole RTA
> AC007 Pre-assessment T.A. 11-29-2016

> AC008b Pre-treatment Assessment  Whole RTA 10-14-2016
> AC008b Pre-treatment Assessment T.A. 11-29-2016

> AC011 Pre-assessment
> AC011 Wildlife
> AC011 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX)

> AC013 Pre-assessment
> AC013 Wildlife
> AC013 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX)

Carquinez Shoreline

> POLY946 Pre-assessment

Claremont Canyon

> CC001 Pre-assessment & Wildlife Proposed
> CC001 Wildlife
> CC001 Pre-assessment connected wildlife
> CC001 Map
> CC001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)
> CC001 (Rx) Change

> CC002 Pre-assessment
CC002 Wildlife

> CC003 Pre-assessment
> CC003 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-4-2016
CC003 Wildlife

> CC004 Pre-assessment
> CC004 Wildlife

> CC005 Pre-assessment
> CC005 Wildlife

> CC006 Pre-assessment
> CC006 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-4-2016
> CC006 Wildlife

> CC007 Pre-assessment
> CC007 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-4-2016
> CC007 Wildlife

> CC008 Pre-assessment
> CC008 Pre-assessment Connected
> CC008 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-3-2016
> CC008 Wildlife
> CC008 Wildlife Connected            

> CC009 Pre-assessment
> CC009 Pre-assessment Connected
> CC009 Wildlife
> CC009 Wildlife Connected
CC009 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> CC010 Pre-assessment
> CC010 Pre-assessment Connected
> CC010 Wildlife
> CC010 Wildlife Connected

> CC011 Pre-assessment
> CC011 Wildlife Connected

> CC012 Pre-assessment
> CC012 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-27-16
CC012 Wildlife
> CC012 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Don Castro

> POLY994 Pre-assessment
> POLY994 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)


> HP001 Pre-assessment
HP001 Wildlife
> HP001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX)

> HP002 Pre-assessment
> HP002 Wildlife
> HP002 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> HP003 Pre-assessment & Wildlife proposed
> HP003 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> HP004 Pre-assessment & Wildlife proposed
> HP004 Pre-assessment Wildlife connected
> HP004 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Kennedy Grove

> KG001 Pre-assessment  Wildlife
> KG001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> KG002 Pre-assessment & Wildlife
> KG002 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> KG003 Pre-assessment Wildlife
> KG003 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> KG004 Pre-assessment & Wildlife
KG004 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Lake Chabot

> LC009 Pre-assessment & Wildlife
> LC009 Fuels treatment Prescription (Rx)

> LC010 Pre-assessment
> LC010 Wildlife
> LC010 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)


Leona Canyon

> LE003 Pre-assessment
> LE003 Wildlife
> LE003 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)
> LE003 Map of treatment Area

> LE004 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)
> LE004 Post-assessment Wildlife

> LE005 Pre-assessment
> LE005 Wildlife
> LE005 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Miller Knox

> MK001 Pre-assessment
> MK001 Wildlife

> MK002 Pre-assessment
> MK002 Wildlife

> MK005 Pre-assessment
> MK005 Wildlife
> MK005 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Redwood Park

> RD001-001 Pre-assessment
> RD001-001 Wildlife
> RD001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> RD002 Pre-assessment
> RD002 Wildlife
> RD002 Fuels Teatment Prescription (Rx)
> RD002 (Rx) Change

> RD008 Pre-assessment connected
> RD008 Wildlife connected
> RD008 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Sibley Volcanic

> SR001 Pre-assessment
> SR001 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-25-2016
> SR001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)
> SR001 Wildlife

> SR002 Pre-assessment
> SR002 Wildlife
> SR002a Wildlife connected
> SR002b Wildlife connected
> SR002 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> SR003 Pre-assessment Connected 10-21-2011
> SR003 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-24-2016

> SR004 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 8-18-2011
> SR004 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-25-2016
> SR004 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> SR005 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-26-16
> SR005 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> SR006 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-24-2016
> SR006 Pre-assessment T.A. 11-29-2016
> SR006 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

Sobrante Ridge

> SO002 Pre-assessment
> SO002 Pre-assessment cumulative
> SO002 Wildlife cumulative
> SO002 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)


> TI001 Pre-assessment
> TI001 Wildlife            
> TI001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX)

TI002a Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-14-2016           

> TI004 Pre-assessment
> TI004 Map
TI004 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> TI006 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-10-2016

> TI007a Pre-assessment
> TI007a Wildlife
> TI007a Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx

> TI007b Wildlife
> TI007c Pre-assessment
TI007c Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> TI008a Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-7-2016
> TI008a Pre-assessment T.A. 11-29-2016

> TI008a Post-treatment assessment & Wildlife 11-16-2016

> TI010 Pre-assessment
> TI010 Wildlife
> TI010 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)

> TI012 Pre-assessment - Aug. 2011
> TI012 Pre-assessment - Feb. 2010
> TI012 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-4-2016
> TI012 Wildlife connected
> TI012 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX) - 11-17-2017 )
> TI012-002 Fuels Treatment Prescription (RX) -11-22-2010

> TI013 Pre-assessment
> TI013 Wildlife, Proposed

> TI014 Pre-assessment, Connected
> TI014 Wildlife, Connected

> TI015 Pre-assessment 12-14-2011
> TI015 Pre-assessment Proposed Whole RTA 2011
> TI015 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-9-2016

> TI016 Pre-assessment
> TI016 Wildlife, proposed

Wildcat Canyon

> WC005 Pre-assessment
> WC005 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 10-18-2016
> WC005 Pre-assessment T.A. 11-29-2016
> WC005 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)
> WC005 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx) addition

> WC011 Pre-assessment
> WC011 Pre-assessment Connected
> WC011 Pre-assessment Whole RTA 11-8-2016
> WC011 Wildlife
> WC011-001 Fuels Treatment Prescription (Rx)